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Kate in the next proyect of Steven Soderbergh.

Posted By Alba Mirás on Feb 11, 2010 at 5:00AM

Confirmed by Variety.


Despite the fact that Steven Soderbergh is currently hard at work on the action thriller Knockout, he's already lining up quite the cast for his next project. Last we heard his next was supposed to be the biopic about pianist Liberace with Michael Douglas and Matt Damon. Now Deadline Hollywood (& The Playlist) are reporting that he's keeping Damon around, adding Kate Winslet, Marion Cotillard and Jude Law, and trading in the biopic for the action thriller Contagion, focused on the worst-case scenario involving a deadly virus. Shooting will start later this year for a 2011 debut, though they don't have a distributor yet.

The deadly virus story has been seen before in several iterations of The Andromeda Strain, and Wolfgang Petersen's Outbreak. But with this cast and Soderbergh getting back into action thrillers (with two films no less) this concept feels fresh. It also helps that Scott Z. Burns (The Informant!, The Bourne Ultimatum) wrote a script that is supposed to play like Traffic meets Bourne. Personally, I can't wait to see Soderbergh do something more exciting. After the sparsely seen four hour Che saga, his very independent The Girlfriend Experience, and the low-key, though quality comedy The Informant!, I want to see him get back to action.

Read more: http://www.firstshowing.n...slet-more/#ixzz0f0iIGmvW

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Kate rumored in the biopic about spanish poet Miguel Hernández.

Posted By Alba Mirás on Jan 28, 2010 at 9:45AM

It's a biopic about the last days of the spanish poet Miguel Hernández, the cast rumored is Kate Winslet, Christian Bale and Johnny Depp. Filming in Spain, the places are Canarias and Alicante. More information here...


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Actualmente, se celebra el centenario del nacimiento del poeta de Orihuela, Miguel Hernández. La viuda de su segundo hijo llamado Manuel Miguel Hernández que es Lucía Izquierdo, tiene en mente hacer una cinta con actores internacionales para homenajear a su fallecido suegro, el guión de este biopic que relatará los últimos días de este importante poeta estará terminado supuestamente a mediados de Febrero para enviarles copias a Hollywood, con la esperanza de que asuman los roles principales los actores Johnny Depp, Kate Winslet y Christian Bale. El primero, de hecho conoce algunos de los libros de Miguel Hernández traducidos al inglés y dada su afición a la poesía, creo que le resultaría extremadamente interesante su vida para encarnarlo en la gran pantalla, además poseen un estimable parecido físico. Tanto Johnny, como Kate y Christian son de esos intérpretes que no les molesta asumir retos y creen en la calidad del guión más allá del dinero que ganen.
Winslet, coincidiría por segunda vez con Johnny, después de la estupenda ''Descubriendo Nunca Jamás''.
Si este proyecto llega a buen puerto, se filmaría en Canarias y en el estudio ''Ciudad de la Luz'' de Alicante.

Así lo informaba El País...

La nuera de Miguel Hernández, en unas declaraciones realizadas a la agencia Efe, cree que el guión de este proyecto, basado en la vida del poeta, podría estar concluido a mediados del próximo mes para poder hacérselo llegar a actores de Hollywood como Johnny Depp, Christian Bale y Kate Winslet. Depp, según Lucía Izquierdo, "conoce la obra de Miguel Hernández porque ha leído alguna publicación suya traducida al inglés". Pero quiere ser prudente porque "falta que esos actores reciban el guión y que les guste". La película se centraría en los últimos años de la vida del poeta y se rodaría en las Islas Canarias y en los estudios de la Ciudad de la Luz de Alicante.


Source: http://www.elpais.com/articulo/Comunidad/Valenciana/nuera/Hernandez/crit...





Kate and Gael Pics.

Posted By Alba Mirás on Jan 28, 2010 at 9:33AM

Kate back to work in March.

Posted By Alba Mirás on Jan 28, 2010 at 7:11AM

Kate's Coming Out Of Hiding

 Kate Winslet at the Golden Globe Awards

Rhapsody in blue: Kate Winslet at the Golden Globe Awards

Kate Winslet  has been keeping a low profile for the past year, but now she's back in the limelight. 'I was in hiding a little bit, just doing family stuff and very little work.

'To be honest, I felt so overexposed this time last year with the Golden Globes and the Oscar,' she told me at this year's Golden Globes ceremony in Beverly Hills, where she was wearing a blue YSL off-the-shoulder gown.

'It was fantastic and everything, but I was sick of me, let alone what other people must have felt.'

It's awards season, and because Kate collected various best actress (and best supporting) statuettes for her performances in The Reader and Revolutionary Road last year, she is being called upon to return the favour at many of this year's ceremonies.

Last Sunday's Hollywood Foreign Press Association bash was the first. She handed over the Golden Globe to Jeff Bridges for his brilliant turn as an alcoholic country and western singer in Crazy Heart.

She'll perform similar duties at the Oscars in March. Before that, though, it's the Orange British Academy Film Awards, where she'll do the honours for one of the best actor nominees announced yesterday. They include Bridges, George Clooney for Up In The Air, Colin Firth for A Single Man, Jeremy Renner for The Hurt Locker and Andy Serkis for Sex & Drugs & Rock 'n' Roll.

After the awards shows are over, Kate's stepping in front of the cameras, taking the title role in a mini-series for HBO based on James M. Cain's novel Mildred Pierce, which Todd Haynes will direct with his long-time colleague Christine Vachon producing.

'We're doing it from the book, not the film version with Joan Crawford. The film was very different from Cain's book,' Kate told me.

'It's such a deliciously meaty role and we cover a lot of ground, with Mildred raising her two girls during the Depression era. She runs her own business and, of course, there are men. And because it's a mini-series for HBO we can really explore the characters and go into the kind of things you could only hint at when the film was made in 1945.'

Other roles are still being cast but I can reveal that Guy Pearce is in talks for the part of the leading man. Pearce just completed portraying Edward VIII, opposite Colin Firth as George VI, in The King's Speech.

Evan Rachel Wood (she was in Across The Universe) will probably play Veda, Mildred's manipulative monster of a daughter. Elle Fanning has been in talks about playing Veda in the early segments of the miniseries, which will begin filming in mid-March.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1245179/Baz-Bamigboye-Get-ready-Girl-Power-The-Musical-Spice-Girls-hit-West-End.html#ixzz0dv6faazr

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// Gael filming with Kate Hudson ''Earthbound''

// Kate filming in March ''Mildred Pierce'', TV miniserie for HBO.

With Guy Pearce, Evan Rachel Wood and Elle Fanning. It looks amazing proyect.

Director- Todd Hayness.